Writing Ink

VP Gel red pen in jello (#252)

Our gel ink is water-based and glides effortlessly across the paper. Gel ink is thick and opaque so it shows up more clearly on dark or slick surfaces. It’s useful for any type of writing or illustration where a ballpoint may fall short.

Ombre blue metal pen on ice cubes (#679)

Our hybrid ink is the ultimate blend of ballpoint and gel inks. Your pen will glide effortlessly across the paper for exceptionally smooth writing due to the higher ink flow and premium tip design. This quick-drying ink resists smudging, won’t lump or bleed through the paper. Hybrid ink withstands low temperatures and outperforms standard ballpoint ink every time.

Farella Stylus red pen resting on rocks (#697)

Our anti-fraud ink adheres to ISO 12757-2 standards and resists UV fading, water, eraser, ethanol, bleaching, hydrochloric acid, and ammonium hydroxide. This helps prevent check washing, document fraud, and alterations as the anti-fraud ink becomes trapped within the paper fibers.